About the Chef

Chef for website-croppedChef Peter Friedman, PhD is a successful scientist  as well as a gourmet personal chef. Cooking and science are among his passions. His scientific training is in chemistry, and while cooking utilizes different ingredients, Chef Peter brings his scientific knowledge to the kitchen with precision in execution and vision with respect to delectable results.

Chef Peter has been cooking for about twenty five years, he worked with various caterers and then grew wings and for the last 10 years he made scrumptious meals at numerous events as a personal chef. He is a magician in the kitchen with a passion for tantalizing cuisine, and will create with you a dramatic, superb and unique menu, served once in a lifetime.

Specific culinary needs – no problem: kosher, gluten free, vegetarian, food allergies and sensitivities. There is no reason why a restriction would prevent anyone from enjoying a delicious meal.

Chef Peter offers a decadent spread of personal recipes, private party catering, prepared meals, romantic dinners, holiday dinners, themed dinner, beverage paired dinners and any other event you can think of!