“I have been a guest at several events catered by Chez Pierre.  I have always been delighted by the variety and consistent quality of the foods, perfectly prepared, exquisite to the eye and the palate.  I would feel confident to utilize his services at any event I have planned.”

~ M.S., Private Yoga Instructor and Wellness Coach, Los Angeles


“Thank you for your wonderful addition to our wedding celebration.  The catering that you provided was over the top.  I have been in a gourmet dinner cooking club for eight years now, and I know what it takes to provide scrumptious tasting meals with excellent presentation.  And your company supplied both.

My wife wanted me to add that your Salmon was to die for.”

~ MC, CCIM, Real Innovate Realty, Los Angeles.


“The combination of Chef Peter’s creativity and vast culinary experience made him a delight to work with.  He quickly understood the vision I had for my event and created a menu that connected the dietary needs of my guests and the experience I wanted them to have. Chef Peter came in on budget and thanks to him my event was a flavor-filled, smashing success.”

~ M.R., Business Analyst, Encinitas


“I have attended a few different event that were catered by Chef Peter Friedman, Ph.D.. It is always a treat to enjoy Chef Peter’s exacting precision and his creative pairings of food and wine. Chef Peter Friedman, Ph.D. is an artist when it comes to presentation, and his food is always delicious. I look forward to sampling Chef Peter’s cuisine again – soon!”

~R.S., Management Consultant, San Diego


“I’ve had the pleasure of Chef Peter’s catering on at least four occasions: a wedding, a birthday, a formal dinner and personally prepared meals following a fast.

Chef Peter is an artist in the kitchen. Careful thought is given to each occasion, to the time of year and the requests of his clients. You can taste the love and attention that infuses every meal. Not only is food nutritious and delicious; it is beautifully  presented. He is a perfectionist. Recently, he prepared a weeks worth of meals for me following a juice fast. I wanted to incorporate healthy eating and have a gentle return to a regular diet. Peter called a few times to determine my goal, my preferences and to discuss my desired outcome. Each day’s meals were balanced, tasty, and a work of art. I was able to maintain my weight loss and feel satisfied. I appreciate Peter’s culinary talents, his understanding of menu planning and his personal interest in his clients well-being. I recommend Chef Pierre without reservation: quality, excellence and service. Thanks Peter!”

~K.A., Writer/Educator, Westlake Village